12/17/11 | 2.0

11/26/11 | 1.0

What's FeedPope?

FeedPope is an RSS and Atom feed aggregator built with the user in mind. With FeedPope, there's no more overwhelming unread count. There's no more silent expectation that you'll read every post from hundreds of blogs. And FeedPope understands that you're not tied to your desktop browser anymore.

No unread count?

Nope! Just a simple list of articles. Maybe you've read it. Maybe you haven't. It's probably safe to assume that you know that already. And because there's nothing keeping score, there's no more information overload. Why should you feel compelled to read every post on every site you like, just to get the count back to zero?

But I subscribe to so many sites!

These days, we all do. So FeedPope does the logical thing: It ignores a bunch of posts. A subscription to a feed in FeedPope includes an update frequency. Choose a few times a day, every hour, a few times a week, or almost never. Every half hour, FeedPope randomly chooses which feeds to update, and grabs the latest post from each one.

Won't that miss some updates?

Yep. That's a feature, not a bug.

Will this work from my iPhone?

Like a charm. FeedPope is built using jQuery Mobile 1.0, which means it's compatible with most mobile browsers. It'll also look great on your desktop.

What else do I need?

A webhost that supports PHP5. A host that supports SQLite databases. A cron (or webcron) script. A Google account for logging in with OpenID.

Any other links you want to put on the front page?

FeedPope parses feeds with SimplePie. OpenID login support is provided by lightopenid. And this website design is from OSWD and was designed by Adam Particka and coded by Matt Hollis. I think that's all the links.